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Vincent Raya Co., Ltd.

[China]Multi Pro Cartridges Heater(6 chamber)

The Multi Pro Cartridges Heater is a contemporary heating solution, for use with all sizes of roller depilatory cartridges and the patented Hive Paraffin Spray Cartridges. Paraffin and / or roller depilatory cartridges can be heated to different temperatures at the same time within one unit. Features: Six cartridges heating locations Independent temperature control for heating depilatory wax cartridges and paraffin wax spray cartridges at the same time Ideal for heating 80/100g cartridges[...]


[China]Mini Multi Pro Cartridges Heater(3 chamber)

The unique Mini Multi Pro Heater has been designed and dimensioned to provide a heating solution for all sizes of roller depilatory cassettes together with the patented Paraffin Spray Cartridges. This versatile mini unit is ideal for the mobile therapist or smaller salon looking to provide paraffin spray treatments or roller depilatory from one heater; thermostatically controlled to ensure that both paraffin[...]


[China]Depilatory Wax(425g pp jar)

A deluxe crème depilatory with a lower operating temperature and improved adhesion qualities. Outer Packing: 24pcs/export carton Carton dimensions: 40 x 30 x 22cm Container Loading: 20' FCL: 25,848pcs ( 1,077 cartons)[...]


[China]Brazilian Hard Film Wax 500g

Features: A new formulation designed for the ever-increasing hard wax requirements of Brazilian style bikini line waxing. Low allergy risk - contains no untreated pine resins. Formulated to provide greater and improved adhesion qualities for work on dense and stubborn hair growth. This latest variant of the already established hard film wax provides for cooler and improved client comfort. Inner Packing: 10pcs/pack Outer Packing: 24packs /export carton Carton dimensions: 48 x 33.6[...]


[China]Warm Wax 1000g in Jar

Features: A golden appearance and honey like consistency when heated, Warm Wax Provides the efficient waxing solution for the removal of body and facial hair. Outer Packing: 12pcs/export carton Carton dimensions: 58 x 38 x 17cm Container Loading: 20' FCL: 8,964pcs (747 cartons)  [...]