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M.P.L International Trade Ltd. more

Land: Israel
Region: Israel
Ort: Rishon Lezion
Straße: Ma'agal Hashalom st.
Telefon: +972 3 9615131
Fax: +972 3 9416232
Firm Rank: 0
At MPL we endeavor to cater for the specific needs and requirements of individual markets. Our Global team offers a consolidated, cost-effective service to the international trading community. We provide cohesive marketing advice to our clients backed by effecting logistic solutions are it road, air or sea. M.P.L is a leading distributor of domestic appliances as well as professional, office and consumer electronics. With our Headquarters in London, UK, we are centrally located to handle[...]

IOI Group more

Land: Israel
Region: Israel
Ort: Rhishon Le-zihon
Straße: 14, Hairis st.
Telefon: +972 54 3017166
Fax: +972 54 3017166
Firm Rank: 0
The IOI (Israeli Organization of Importes ) Group is trade & Import and chain stores. We import from China,Taiwan and Turkey, Home Electric appliances, Furniture, Laptops computer, Iron, GSM Mobile phone ect. Our target market is : Israel, Turkey and Jordan.[...]