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Land: Spanien
Region: Spanien
Ort: Teulada
Straße: Mediterraneo 47
Telefon: +34 42 6315243
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Land: Spanien
Region: Spanien
Ort: Barbera del Valles
Straße: Ronda Sta. Maria, 5-7
Telefon: +34 93 7191811
Fax: +34 93 7292511
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ENGEL AXIL S.L. is one of the strongest Satellite and MATV producer for the Spanish market and since few years expanding to the Export market. We are currently selling our range of terrestrial UHF antennas, headends and amplifiers all over Europe, Asia, Australia and other parts of the globe. As manufacturers, some our most competitive ranges are: - Satellite dishes and DTT Terrestrial antennas . - Professional head-end equipment for hotels, apartments, condominiums... - Amplification: monochannel[...]